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One size does not fit all

In 2019, Ivy founded Evergreen Benefits to focus on providing clients with personalized attention and to deliver the best possible experience to her clients.

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    Retirement and Estate Tax Planning

    for families, businesses, business owners, health care professionals, entrepreneurs and executives

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    Group Health and Dental

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    Benefits Plans

    We can do health spending accounts and wellness spending accounts

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    Insurance Planning

    Life Insurance,
    Disability Insurance,
    Critical Illness Insurance

What We Do


I strive to ensure my clients have peace of mind by protecting their families and businesses with insurance and benefits strategies, as well as ensuring they have strategies to efficiently transfer wealth to the next generation. As business owners and business families think through estate planning and business continuity, I help my clients address the question of “What would happen to my business, my assets, and my family if I was no longer there?” and design insurance and benefits strategies that achieves their family goals.

With over 20 years of experience in the insurance & benefits and financial services industry with companies such as Goldman Sachs, UBS, Morneau Shepell, Great West Life and Doctors of BC, I bring deep industry expertise and knowledge base to my clients. I am passionate about not only helping clients navigate the insurance and benefits process, but also creating and preserving long-term family harmony through strategic succession planning. Evergreen Benefits has partnered with Financial Confidence Advisors to add value added services to Evergreen clients.

Introducing Ivy John


With over 20 years of industry experience, I bring both depth and breadth of expertise in the insurance and benefits industry. In addition, I have developed skillsets in two core areas:

Unique ability to bridge cultures. Early in my career, I worked in operations for the Goldman Sachs margin lending team in New York. I lead the business continuity planning for the Jersey City and Hong Kong margin lending back offices, ensuring that in the event of a disruption in the market, that either office would be able to maintain global operations for the firm. My ability to understand the unique differences between the two offices and cultures, and form strong relationships with the people allowed me to be successful in creating a joint strategic plan for the two offices. I have carried these skills with me throughout my career, and continue to apply them in my current practice. I particularly enjoy being able to assist clients of all backgrounds and industries in developing their own strategic insurance and business continuity plans to protect their business and families.

I have a deep understanding of the medical system, the related benefits system and unique challenges for physicians that are business owners. I have extensive experience working with medical practitioners, including healthcare specialists, physicians and medical professionals. I bring a unique set of capabilities for clients that are both medical practitioners and business owners. I spent a number of years in business development with the provincial non-profit agency that provides insurance and benefits services to all doctors in British Columbia and sets the pricing of all medical procedures for the province, which provides me with unique insight into the provincial medical system. Combined with my own experience starting my own insurance and benefits practice and my experience in group benefits, I can provide medical practitioners that are business owners tailored insight to address the challenges that are unique to them, which typically include managing or starting up their own practice (group benefits plans for their employees, tax and business continuity planning for a business owners, mechanics of incorporation) and insurance, benefits and estate planning for their family.

Evergreen Benefits has partnered with Financial Confidence Advisors to add value added services to Evergreen clients.



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    Ivy Woo John MBA, GBA
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